MiLife-Victoria is a Not for Profit Community Service Organisation whose purpose is to support individuals to, as much as possible, be in control of their own life and achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations. We proudly do this in partnership with family, carers and their natural supports.

MiLife-Victoria's Reimagined Timetable has been released

MiLife-Victoria has developed an exciting new timetable of activities, programs and courses for people to enrol in for 2021. The timetable allows NDIS participants to join in with a broad range of activities within an Arts Centre or Community Centre style setting, within a Business Centre setting, in the local community or online. You can view the activities on offer by looking through the booklets located on the Our Services page. Alternatively you can look at the timetable for each business unit by navigating through the drop down menu under Our Services.

If you would like to know more about any of the programs, courses or activities phone 03 9775 7333 or email for more information.

Changes to Support Coordination in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

NDIS Participants who currently do not have Support Coordination as part of their plan are now able to use funding from their core budget to employ a support coordinator to help you access supports during this difficult time.

MiLife-Victoria has a Support Coordination team ready to help you to make sure that you continue to get support you need during the current crisis. If you need support call our Support Coordination Team on 03 9775 7333. For more information click here.